anarchy in the u k – ydü sözlük – kibris ta bir sözlükcük | artik haber daha yakin
ulan sex pistols zerre kadar haz etmezler sizden de , çok kral işleriniz var .

---anarchy in---

right ! now ! ha ha ha ha ha

i am an antichrist

i am an anarchist

dont know what i want but

i know how to get it

i wanna destroy the passer by cos i

i wanna be anarchy !

no dogs body

anarchy for the u.k its coming sometime and maybe

i give a wrong time stop a trafic line

your future dream is a shopping scheme cos i

i wanna be anarchy !

in the city

how many ways to get what you want

i use the best i use the rest

i use the enemy i use anarchy cos i

i wanna be anarchy !

the only way to be !

is this the m.p.l.a

or is this the u.d.a

or is this the i.r.a

i thought it was the u.k or just

another country

another council tenancy

i wanna be an anarchist

oh what a name

get pissed destroy !

---the u k---